Safety Planning

  • Know where to go and how to get there -- a friend's house, a safe house, a shelter...
  • Have a code word you can use with a friend or family member to alert them that you want to help or to call the police.
  • Have a bag packed and ready to grab. If possible, have some money, bankcard, SIN card, financial papers, marriage licenses, MCP card, some clothes and items for children, any medications, legal documents (ie. Peace Bonds, Probation orders etc.), or have an extra set stored with a friend or relative, sentimental items.
  • Memorize numbers to call for help, or have a list handy.
  • If you have custody of your child/children, ensure to notify daycare staff, school, children's groups, etc. about who has permission to pick the child/children up. Take your children with you.
  • Inform your landlord that your ex-partner no longer lives there, or the fact that he is never permitted in your home.
  • If you have a Peace Bond, Emergency Protection Order (EPO), Probation Order with the condition that your ex-partner is to have no contact with you, keep a copy handy, and also inform your family, friends and employer of the same. 
  • Document incidents as they occur or soon after; noting details, dates and threats made.